Lily Gladstone Opens Up: Devery Jacobs’ Critique of ‘Killers Of The Flower Moon’ Reveals Deep-Rooted Trauma Among Native Women

Lily Gladstone Addresses Devery Jacobs’ Critique

In a recent interview with Deadline Hollywood, Lily Gladstone, star of ‘Killers Of The Flower Moon,’ responded to the criticism from her co-star, Devery Jacobs. Jacobs had expressed her visceral reaction to the film, calling it “hellfire” that dehumanizes indigenous people.

Trauma Unveiled – A Response to Native Women’s Struggles

Gladstone delved into the profound trauma that Native women endure, explaining that Jacobs’ critique is a response to the collective trauma experienced by indigenous communities. She emphasized the emotional toll of reliving historical hardships depicted in the movie.

Call for Understanding and Empathy

Gladstone urged viewers to approach the film with sensitivity, acknowledging that it might be emotionally challenging for those with a connection to the depicted events. She emphasized the need for empathy and understanding, considering the historical trauma that Native communities continue to grapple with.

In a parallel statement to Rolling Stone, Gladstone expressed support for indigenous peoples, encouraging them to watch the film only if they feel emotionally prepared. This stance reflects a broader conversation about the representation of Native history in media and the responsibility filmmakers bear in depicting sensitive subjects.

Lily Gladstone’s response highlights the complex emotions surrounding ‘Killers Of The Flower Moon’ and the impact it has on individuals with a personal connection to the depicted historical events. Her call for empathy and understanding adds depth to the ongoing dialogue about indigenous representation in cinema.

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