Lingose Game ID (LING)

Lingose Game ID is a decentralized gaming identity protocol that utilizes smart contracts to establish a unified gaming identity across multiple blockchains and games. It aims to address the fragmentation of gaming identities and provide users with a seamless experience across different gaming platforms.

Lingose Game (LING) Chart Analysis

Real-time Performance

The Lingose Game chart reflects its dynamic nature, with constant fluctuations in its value. As of the latest update, the USD price stands at $0.00464. This real-time tracking provides investors with up-to-the-minute insights, crucial in navigating the volatile crypto market.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Lingose Game’s ROI showcases its performance over different time frames:

  • 1 Hour: 0.98%
  • 24 Hours: 3.43%
  • 7 Days: 35.19%
  • 1 Month: 53.81%
  • 6 Months: 15.71%
  • 1 Year: -0.15%

These figures offer a nuanced understanding of Lingose Game’s historical performance, aiding investors in making informed decisions.

Understanding Identity NFT Levels

Lingose’s Identity NFTs are ingeniously categorized into five distinct levels, each representing a spectrum of expertise and artistic prowess:

  1. Rookie: Entry-level NFTs for newcomers exploring the vibrant world of Lingose.
  2. Veteran: Intermediate level, catering to users with a moderate level of experience and engagement.
  3. Expert: Designed for seasoned participants with advanced knowledge and a significant history within the Lingose ecosystem.
  4. Master: Reserved for the elite few who have demonstrated mastery and leadership in campaigns and contributions.
  5. Artist: The pinnacle of creativity, reserved for individuals with exceptional artistic contributions.

Campaign Dynamics and Rewards Coefficients

What sets Lingose apart is its ingenious integration of user attributes and rights with the diverse levels of Identity NFTs. Users can engage in campaigns that align with their expertise or opt for campaigns offering varying rewards coefficients. This flexibility adds a layer of personalized interaction within the Lingose ecosystem, creating a dynamic and engaging environment.

Limited Quantity Launch Strategy

Lingose’s foresight extends to the controlled release of subsequent Identity NFTs. This limited quantity approach ensures exclusivity and scarcity, a key factor in the valuation of NFTs in the blockchain space. Users, based on their EXP levels, can exclusively acquire identity NFTs that correspond to their proficiency, further emphasizing the meritocratic nature of the Lingose ecosystem.

Governance Token Integration

The bedrock of Lingose’s economic model lies in the Governance Token, LING. Users seeking to acquire these unique Identity NFTs must utilize LING to make their purchases. This not only adds a layer of economic cohesion but also reinforces the importance of community governance within the Lingose platform.

Unlocking Possibilities with Identity NFTs

As users progress through the levels, unlocking new Identity NFTs, they gain access to exclusive campaigns and opportunities within the Lingose ecosystem. The interconnectedness of Identity NFTs, EXP levels, and Governance Token usage creates a synergistic environment where user engagement is not just a transactional process but a journey of growth and exploration.

Visualizing the Lingose Ecosystem

This visual representation encapsulates the user journey within Lingose, highlighting the seamless progression from one level to another and the pivotal role played by Governance Token LING.


In conclusion, Lingose’s innovative approach to Identity NFTs reshapes the narrative of NFT ecosystems. By intertwining user expertise, exclusive campaigns, and Governance Token LING, Lingose creates a dynamic and meritocratic space that stands out in the crowded NFT landscape.

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